Suvinil has built up its history in 50 years. We have won your respect through our high interest in offering quality products. Therefore, Suvinil is today a brand with a single, own personality on the market acknowledged in Brazil.

Suvinil begins with a small national plant of synthetic latex base paints.


... with Super, a small national Plant of paints based on synthetic latex, founded by Alócio Bueno and bought by Glasurit, a BASF Company. To some people life begins at forty. To Suvinil plenitude has arrived sooner. More exactly when it achieved the segment leadership of decorative paints in the 1980's and saw to increase, year by year, its share on the Brazilian market.

The history of Suvinil brand begins when the businessman Olócio Bueno, Super's owner, up to that time a paint manufacturer for the automobile industry, decided to copy a paint based on synthetic latex, called PVA.

The compound, also known popularly as vinyl gave Bueno an idea: to change his Plant's name to Suvinil, formed by "Su" from Super and "Vinil". Three years later the automotive paints business increased and Combilaca was founded, a name inspired in "Kombi" of Volkswagen, to which all the automotive plant production was practically sold.

1969- BASF cames in the branch of paints.

At the same time in 1969, in Germany, BASF came in the branch of paints acquiring Glasurit Werke, one of the biggest European companies of the field. After some attempts in vain with American, Japanese and Austrian companies Bueno turned towards BASF as he knew that Glasurit intended to settle down in Brazil. In his statement to the book Paints Industry in Brazil, Bueno says:

"I wrote to the Americans to sell the factory and they replied that to talk with me I needed to deposit 100 thousand dollars in their bank account. I tried DuPont, but they wanted to know so many things that I gave up. Then I thought: The Germans lost the war and they should be humbler".

They acquired 60% of Combilaca's shares, whose registered name became Glasurit - Combilaca Ltda. In 1969 BASF founded Glasurit do Brasil S.A. which embodied Combilaca and Suvinil.

Suvinil emerged with the production centralized in São Bernardo do Campo and some innovative strategies: Sales Director Augusto Cretella used to go after painters he knew and took them cans of paint with modifications to see if they thought the paint got either better or worse. Wrote down the painters replies and went back to the laboratory recommending that all the alterations had to be made. Thus, Suvinil produced the paint that the painters wanted. Douglas Henrique Orlando, Casa São Paulo owner and who has been a Suvinil customer for 50 years, recalls: "They used to provide paint directly to painters and painting companies. I think this helped the brand to improve more rapidly".