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Regional Strategy 2025 - South America

BASF's goal for 2025 is to grow above the market every year. This ambitious goal was set by the Strategy 2025 South America, not only points where BASF wants to get as detailing the paths to be followed. This is the plan as of now, everything that involves the operation and performance of the company.

How BASF can develop? Where are the opportunities and what to do to take advantage of them? In what the company needs to improve and what your strengths are not yet fully exploited?

Based on various data and studies, the Strategy 2025 South America connects ideas to answer these important questions about the company's future. All in continuity with the goals and objectives established by the previous strategy and always aligned with the overall strategy "We create chemistry" (We made the chemistry): uniting economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection.

The Regional Strategy 2025 - South America is based on five pillars:

  • guidance for industry;

  • innovation and sustainability;

  • investments and acquisitions;

  • people;

  • management excellence.
  • Catavento