Civil Construction 

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Construction line was developed with focus on first painting, to service the construction market.
They are prepaint paints especially formulated to achieve better efficiency, greater power of retouching and cover. With the launch of the Acrylic Standard, the family paints Suvinil Construction became even more complete.

Contributing to the Sustainable buildings, the Suvinil/BASF is committed to seek innovation and deliver products with low VOCs and high yield, which will reduce amount of waste products in the works. With the complete line of water-based products and packaging with 100% recyclable steel, Suvinil products reduce the environmental impact in civil construction.

Suvinil Standard Acrylic

Suvinil Economical Acrylic

Suvinil Vinyl Putty

Suvinil Acrylic Putty

Suvinil Acrylic Sealer

Suvinil Primer for Plaster of Paris/Drywall