Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy 

Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy

Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy of the site

This site is owned by BASF SA, CNPJ under No. 48.539.407/0001-18, a legal entity by which it is controlled and operated from its corporate offices in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, hereinafter called "BASF".

Intellectual and industrial property

The elements of this site, including, but not limited to text, graphics, logos, drawings, photos, images, digital downloads, videos, softwares, brands and patents are the sole and exclusive property of BASF.

BASF holds ownership rights relating to intellectual and industrial property of any information conveyed on this site, fitting users respect such rights, not making any use of such data, except with prior written permission of BASF.

Nothing on this site should be understood as a license, implied or otherwise, or any other form of granting the right to use any element or information contained in the site. Any unauthorized use of the material contained on this site violates the intellectual and industrial property law and other applicable laws.

The User is neither authorized to make the distribution of copies of this site nor make: (i) any form of use of excerpts, the technique of reverse engineering on the development or creation of other works; (ii) any way to review the constitution of the site and availability of access through Internet in any address that does not start with the electronic address; (iii) the disclosure of unauthorized files; and (iv) the release of access to third parties in an unlawful manner.


BASF makes no kind of warranty that the products described in this site are appropriate to different uses other than those listed or available for use outside of Brazil, or that the access to these products, from locations outside of Brazil, is allowed. People who choose to access this site from locations outside of Brazil do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local legislation.


Some of the links of this site may lead users to sites that do not belong to BASF. Such sites are not controlled, not even affiliated to BASF. BASF is not responsible for the content of these third party sites, nor even by its domestic policies.

Limits of liability

BASF is not responsible for the following acts and/or facts: (i) operation of the site free of faults or interruptions in the field due to facts unrelated to the control of BASF; (ii) site interruptions due to maintenance breaks or suspensions of the communication system; (iii) occasional damage that may occur in the user's equipment, caused by improper use of hardware, software and connections, being the user the sole and exclusive responsible for the equipment necessary for its Internet connection, as well as for the costs of installation, connection, phone line billing, electricity and other inherent costs.

The use of all tools on this site depends on the updated browser

Use of information from users

The user of the site may, at his/her sole discretion, register on this site by means of a personal password, for access to the history of his/her browsing to the site, as well as his/her personal options.

Under this circunstances, BASF is not responsible for the use of the user's password or occasional third party to whom the user may give knowledge of such a password,

BASF also undertakes not to make use of any information from the user, undertaking itself to apply its best efforts to keep confidential any personal data of the user who has been registered on this site.

BASF will not trade its personal information. Such information may, however, be grouped according to certain criteria and used by BASF as generic statistics, aiming at a better understanding of the customer's profile.

BASF also requires that employees who have access to information sent through the site, comply with this privacy policy

Modifications in the conditions of use and privacy policy

To BASF is reserved the right to review and modify, at its sole discretion, the domain configuration, as well as the Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy without prior notice to site users. Users should, therefore, review this document periodically to verify whether or not they are in accordance with the provisions herein.

Doubts and Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions about this privacy policy or any other aspect